hi, you can call me Summer or Carl. I'm 21, living in the states; woot woot freedom 420 and all that. I'm gender queer and sexually gay, a hard identity to explain, but talk to me if you're curious. I love anime, video games, beauty, and strangeness. If you are not for equality, get out me' blog. That's all, oh and please talk to me because I'm bored

"Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming"

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changed my icon so im officially not 18 anymore, I’m 21.. scary


me: *sees a cute gay*

me: *wonders if they can tell I’m also a cute gay*

Anonymous asked:

It's actually a chemical reaction with our cells, not the amount of heat we produce

I didn’t argue that there isn’t a bioluminescent reaction occurring in the human body, I was just reminding everyone that objects with heat are emitting light through electromagnetic radiation.

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Have you ever just stopped and realized how emotionally invested you are into Naruto?

i think i cry 9/10 episodes

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